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Back to blog October 20, 2008

Posted by Luca Marchetti in Friends, handicraft, Holiday, Life.
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Here I am! Again!
Too many times the sun rose without any written lines…
Fortunately today I found some spare time and here I am to update my space.

In the last months many things happen:

  • I talked to Fusion ’08 Conference. Speaking to a wide audience it is not so scaring as I thought. I survived to it, and I had some good impressions too.
  • we (me and my friends of SPQR lab) went to China for a holiday, robotic competitions. Let me forgot about the results. Anyway China is a controversial country. A country with too many problems trying to be “cool”. -_-;;
  • we (me, my girlfriend, my sister, her boyfriend and my cousin) went to Madrid for a little (really) holiday. Very nice place to stay, Spanish people are great! Here you can find some shots taken in Madrid. Ah we went also to Toledo: I love arabic architecture!
  • I started to work (part-time) in a company. It is for only 6 months, perfect to finish my PhD with some revenue. And the job is also interesting: porting our software framework on their DSP. Gambaru!
  • and at last, I was the best man!

Infact last Sunday, finally, I was my friend’s best man. It was a very bright day, the sun was welcoming a new family: Marco and Raffaella.

I am so grateful to them, when I met them 7 years ago I did not expected to became so relative to them.
They really help me to became the man who I am now (and I guess I am a good one).

In the last year I was in charge to make their wedding invitation and the placeholder for the restaurant.

The weddin invitation card I did

The wedding invitation card I did

It took many months to finish them, but the results were (IMNSHO) very impressive.

The invitations were printed by typography, then cut and folded.

How looks like the invitation from the inside

How looks like the invitation from the inside

A clos-up view of the inside of the card

A close-up view of the inside of the card

Close-up of the front view of card with embossed rose

Close-up of the front view of card with embossed rose

Close-up view of the ribbons used as closure of the card

Close-up view of the ribbons used as closure of the card

The embossed rose on the left bottom is a my proud concept. When I was looking around some idea for the invitations, I found this amazing technique.
It is very effective and gives very beautiful results with little effort. It is true that “little” depends on how many invitation you have to make, but you get it.
The double ribbon was an idea of Raffaella: nothing to say, it is just the perfect closure.

Click on images for a larger view.

The completed framework with placeholder

The completed framework with placeholder

The placeholder were much easier to make. My girlfriend made all those origami crane, and I complete the rest.
The framework was realized using a thick paperboard, wrapped with handmade paper (maybe you can guess from the picture).
The red handmade paper used as frame is a nice quote of the invitation.

If you are thinking about the role of single placeholder here it is:


An Example of a placeholder. It was mine 🙂

Nice isn’t it? Can you find where it was on the framework?

The main theme chosen for tables was the Japan. I named each table with a Japanese things: the Fujiyama, Kyoto, the floating torii of Miyajima, Samurai, Geisha, the Japanese Maple, the Tanabata festival, the Shogi game, Ikebana, the Shodo, Sakura, Koinobori, the Japanese Crane, Haiku, the Shichi-Go-San festival and Aikido. For each I made a little depliant, with a picture and a haiku. I regret I didn’t take any picture of them…
These names where placed on the main framework as reminder for the guests. As you can maybe see, there were 3 different colors for the tables, partitioning the space in three areas. These colors where also used to show the location of the table in the room.

Oh! Are wondering how everything could stayed still attached to the framework? Well it was very simple. I used Patafix, it’s very useful and in this case very firm.
Now I’m just working with some panorama shots I taken in Madrid and China. To be honest I’m working to put them on the web to share with you, but it is not very easy.
More later (maybe).



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