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Beijing’s shutting down August 25, 2008

Posted by Luca Marchetti in China, Human Rights, Thoughts.
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They are over. Sixteen days after the 08-08-08, the Olympic games ended.

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Many words were spent to celebrate such an event. The amazing scenes of the opening ceremony, the perfect organization, the power of China shown to the world.
During these days thousand of athletes (someone says they were 11,000!) tried to win a gold medal, and 302 of them can now back to home and be really happy.

The shine of Bird’s Nest is somehow shadowed by many things that prove the World that it was wrong to assign to China these Olympic Games.
Human rights, freedom of speech, better working conditions, and the hope to open the cage where millions of people are living, all of this was just omitted.
The Western Governments closed their eyes. Better, they hypocritically said to their athletes to boycott the Olympiad, to show that somethings is wrong.
Good. Very good.
Why a person should had thrown away four years of hard work just because the politicians cannot solve the problem? Why they asked others to carry on the burden of changing things?
Why did not try it by yourself?
The way of boycotting was wrong. Once that the games started, let compete until the end. Then show a sign of your protest (even if the IOC forbidden that).

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Despite the censorship there were some episodes of protests. Eight people were arrested because of their no-politically-(for-the-Chinese-government)-correct behavior.

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Many athletes tried to support the Tibetan people, downloading the “Songs for Tibet” or donating their competition clothes to the Dalai Lama. Well done guys.

But what the “Big” of the world will really do to compel the China change about human rights? Sincerely something is wrong here, if little folks try to do what big cannot.

I’m very disappointed. These Olympic games could have been the occasion to change really, not only by the word. It seems that China won the race for the Gold Medal, against the USA.
But for sure they lost the Gold Medal for the Human Rights.
Someone says that now the world know more about China and China know about the world, and starting from today it will recognize that something has to change. I’m not so confident that the Chinese will understand that. For me they will not change their mind. They did not do during the games, why they should now?

Apart of that something good happen. I appreciated the hug between Natalia Paderina of Russia and Nino Salukvadze of the former Soviet republic of Georgia; the shake of hands between Jin Jong Oh of South Korea and North Korean Kim Jong Su; the dance of Lightning Man, Usain Bolt; the tears of happiness of Valentina Vezzali.
And now I will “sit on the bank of a river and wait: my enemy’s corpse will soon float by”.



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