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RoboCup will be in Suzhou – definitely May 19, 2008

Posted by Luca Marchetti in China, RoboCup, Thoughts.
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Ladies and gentlemen, we have a decision!

Dear RoboCuppers,

Thank you very much for your patience regarding the status of RoboCup 2008. We are happy to announce that we now fully expect RoboCup to go forward in Suzhou in July as planned.

(bold mine)

So, guys, the worries of previous days are now went away. RoboCup will be in China, and we are glad about that. Really?

Mmm, yes a sort of that. I was obviously disappointed to not go in China, but I was now aware about this possibility and changing mind several times in few days is very stressful.
After the Tibetan protests, and the earthquakes of previous days it seemed that China was not the best place for RoboCup. (Incidentally, I’m very concerned about thousand of deaths. May these people have much more considerations from West.)

Besides, there are many troubles now. Will be able to obtain a VISA in time? Will be able to find fund for tickets? What about the accommodation? And my holidays?

These questions are very urgent and we are currently trying to find a solution.
For us it would have been better to procrastinate the RoboCup.
But decision is made now and we have to work hard to do our best.

For the last question now it is necessary to know how many days I will be able to spent there (after the RoboCup). And maybe I will use my Lonely.

Cross your fingers, dude!

I will cross my fingers, please do the same 🙂



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