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RoboCup 2008 not in China? May 6, 2008

Posted by Luca Marchetti in China, RoboCup, Thoughts.
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Yes, no, maybe.

No more RoboCup in China

After the bad news yesterday, it seems there is a little hope.

Dear all,

Following up on the previous message, the trustees are now working hard to   ascertain the situation and will let you know the final status as soon as possible. We will do our best to make sure that there will still be a RoboCup 2008 and will keep you posted as further information is available. For now, please don’t make any new plans, but please also don’t cancel plans. The decision will be made this weekend.

What the hell is this? There will be a RoboCup this year or not?

Let me reassume what we know.

  • this year RoboCup will not be held in Suzhou, China;
  • there will be the Olympic Games, in Beijing (August 8th-24th);
  • there is some “Olympic issue” that does not permit the event;
  • there will be some kind of event, somewhere;
  • there will be a decision soon, maybe at the end of the week.

These are the only things we know at the moment. But we can go further…

Warning Symbol

The following statements are my own opinions, they are not related to any “official” source, they are “rumors” and my free thoughts.

Ok, let’s think freely.

We know that China is not able to hold RoboCup these year. Why? It seems they underestimate the issues related to the Olympic games… But wait, what the hell are these “issues”? I have some ideas: visa problems (another), the Tibetan question (another), some fire problems.

I guess China discovered it cannot control all things during the Olympic games: the manifestant, the western television, what we think and believe. Moreover it cannot assure security of people coming to its cities, but Beijing and neighbour. Maybe all of this was unpredictable, and recent monk manifestation expose its vulnerability to world opinion and external attacks. Will Olympic games be safe for athletes? I really hope so…


Ok, but what we should do now?

First of all, do not cancel your flights yet. Keep working on your robots, software, whatever. I’m almost sure there will be a RoboCup (rumors…), but we do not know where, yet…

Maybe it will be in Germany, or Japan. Certainly it not will be in Italy, I’m sorry but you would not take an holiday here.

Maybe a real RoboCup will not be possible. I believe there will be some limitations, due to practical reason: who is ready to organize an entire RoboCup in 2 months? Thus, a distributed version maybe could be a possibility. For example Rescue league at NIST and Humanoid in Germany, Virtual league could be remote.

(I secretly hope that Standard Platform League will be held in Japan…)

At the moment only two things are (almost) sure: there will not be RoboCup in China, and it will be delayed/moved to another location. But we have to wait until the final decision of trustee…

Please be patient… 🙂



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