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The Hellos December 28, 2007

Posted by Luca Marchetti in Citations, Life, Thoughts, Video.
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I wonder if you have ever listen this story:
There was a child who called the people “hello”.
Therefore it did not say: “Look at that man”, but he said instead: “Look at that hello” or it said: “a hello has come”, “there is one hello at the door”.

The Hellos

The reason was simply that he listened his dad to say to people: “Hello”.
If it is said ‘table’ to a table and ‘chair’ to a chair, then those to whom it is said “hello” must be the Hellos.
What I like of this story is that the Hellos are much more pleasing of “the people”.
It seems to me that the Hellos are much more equipped with the simple and common qualities of a man.
The Hellos are a kind of hope.
The only thing that you have to do is to become a hello.
It is very easy: it is enough to look at the things with new eyes.

(freely translated from here)

Sometimes not all commercial are stupid. This is the text of one of them aired these holidays in Italy.
Google-ing a while I discovered that it was taken from a short story by Peter Bichsel.
Someone think it is stupid, but I believe it is just a little piece childishness, that should be inside each of us.



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