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Italian style November 21, 2007

Posted by Luca Marchetti in Fun, Italy, Video.

We Italian folks are well known for many things: our delicious food (just think to a hot smoking pizza, or a super plate of pasta…), our beauty (Rome is THE most beautiful city in the world, and nobody can say different), our smart mind (it was more true in the past than now, but everybody know Galileo Galilei and Leonardo Da Vinci, also know as “the inventor of pasta” by Korean guys. Don’t tell me why, but it is true!).

Italian Flag

Many things we are not proud: mafia, politicians, football hooligans.
We have many shortcomings, sometimes we don’t mind too much about the consequences of our actions, and sometimes we do things that are weird to other country people.

It’s true. But we have also many preciousness. We are a sunny folks, we smile almost all the times, but we are able to cry and fight for other people rights. We are warm-hearted to foreigners, even if there are someone that try to mud this, with hate and angry.
Moreover we are self-ironic and we like very much to kid ourself.

Here there is the proof:

It was made by an awesome Italian artist, Bruno Bozzetto. Maybe it is a little bit burlesque, but we don’t care much, we are so, and we are proud of that 🙂



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