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ほうき星 (Hōkiboshi) September 10, 2007

Posted by Luca Marchetti in Japan, JPop, Music, Video.

Are you sad? Gloomy? Do you feel blue-ish? Don’t do that!

Life is always full of beautiful things, but we forget that. Sometimes you need a nudge, to understand that life is pink and not blue.
Here there is one.

I discovered this video weeks ago, and it was love at first sight.
This young singer is Korean, from Seoul, its name is Younha (Korean: 고윤하; 高允河; Go Youn-ha, Japanese: ユンナ, Yunna).

The song came from ending song of Japanese manga Bleach, a beautiful manga and anime I started to read and watch just few months ago.

I found that I like some Japanese pop song, despite I can’t understand well words. This song in particular is an explosion of good emotions, and watching the video I was so surprised about how beautiful can be Asian video.
The colors, photography, scene, everything tell how life can be beautiful. I always watch it when I don’t feel very good, or I’m quite sad, or stressed. I guess it is much better than any pills you can take: music it’s better (and this is good music, at least for me).

If you are curious about what you listened (did you watch it, didn’t you?!?!?!) here there is a translation (original lyrics taken from here).

ユンナ – ほうき星 [Japanese]

夜空を見上げ一人 ほうき星を見たの
一瞬ではじけては 消えてしまったけど
あなたの事想うと 胸が痛くなるの
今すぐ会いたいよ だけど空は飛べないから

yozora wo miage hitori houki boshi wo mita no
isshun de hajikete wa kiete shimatta kedo
anata no koto omou to mune ga itaku naru no
ima sugu aitai yo dakedo sora wa tobenai kara

もしあたしが ほうき星になれたならば
空駆け抜け 飛んでいく
どんな明日が来ても この思いは強い
だからほうき星 すっと壊れないよ

moshi atashi ga houki boshi ni nareta naraba
sora kakenuke tondeiku
donna ashita ga kite mo kono omoi wa tsuyoi
dakara houki boshi zutto kowarenai yo

雨が降って嫌だと ぼやいていた時に
あなたが言ったこと 今でも覚えてる
雨の後の夜空は 綺麗に星が出る
それを考えると 雨も好きになれるよねと

ame ga futte iyada to boyaiteita toki ni
anata ga itta koto ima demo oboeteru
ame no ato no yozora wa kirei ni hoshi ga deru
sore wo kangaeru to ame mo suki ni nareru yone to

もしあたしが ほうき星になれたならば
溢れる光降らすよ いつも
悲しい時 夜空見るあなたが
笑顔になるように もっと輝きたい

moshi atashi ga houki boshi ni nareta naraba
afureru hikari furasu yo itsumo
kanashii toki yozora miru anata ga
egao ni naru youni motto kagayakitai

あなたはいつも一人 何かと戦っている
傍に居ることしか あたしには出来ないけど

anata wa itsumo hitori nanika to tatakatteiru?
soba ni iru koto shika atashi ni wa dekinai kedo

もしあたしが ほうき星になれたならば
空駆け抜け 飛んでいく きっと
必ず届く この一瞬の光で
あなたのイマ照らし 空を巡ろう
あたしが ほうき星になれたならば
きっと傍にいてあげる どんな時も

moshi atashi ga houki boshi ni nareta naraba
sora kakenuke tondeiku kitto
kanarazu todoku kono isshun no hikari de
anata no ima terashi sora wo megurou
atashi ga houki boshi ni nareta naraba
kitto soba ni ite ageru
donna toki mo

Younha – Comet [English]

Alone, I looked towards the sky and saw a comet,
Although the burst suddenly vanished in a moment.
My heart becomes hurt with thoughts of you,
Right now I want to be with you, but I can’t leap the skies so…

Maybe if I could become a comet,
I could leap through the skies to you.
Whatever kind of tomorrow comes, since a comet is always unbreakable,
This feeling is strong.

I don’t like it when it rains. When it was dimmed out,
I remember what you said, even now.
“In the night sky, after the rain, beautifully, the stars appear.”
Considering that, I’ve come to like the rain too…

Maybe if I could become a comet,
The overflowing light will fall,
So whenever times are sad, the you who looks to the night sky
Will come to smile and, like the comet, want to shine more.

What are you always fighting with on your own?
Being by your side is something I can’t do but…

Maybe if I could become a comet,
I could leap through the skies to you.
Surely, without fail I’d reach you in this moment of light
And your now illuminated sky will revolve.
If I could become a comet,
Surely, I would rise by your side,
Whenever the time.

Do you feel better, don’t you? 🙂



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