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Welcome back at home September 5, 2007

Posted by Luca Marchetti in Friends, Fun, Italy, Japan, Video.

I was in Japan, 5 months until January 2007.
I went for my doctorate and I work in a very pleasant place.
I found many friends, some of them I cannot forget.
It was hard, live abroad, in a foreigner country. I cannot speak japanese, so it was quite difficult.

But I love Japan. I love this ancient country, so different, where you can walk side by side with a geisha, while praying in the middle of skyscrape.
I will tell you more, maybe, some time.

Anyway, when I came back, at airport I found a big surprise.
My family were there, waiting for me of course. But there were my sister and my friends, with a big surprise.

They had some piece of paper with the writing “Bentornato” (Welcome back) in white and red (the colours of Japanese flag) and when I appeared they changed them into “in Italia” (in Italy) with Italian flag colours.

My Friends My Sisters

At Airport

Did you understand the effect? Maybe not so here there is a “behind scene” of the preparation, a little movie that they made few hours before I landed.

My future sister-in-law shown me it last sunday and my heart had a little jump. Watching it I discover how much work they had done, how much they love me. And I really appreciate it.
I want to say thanks to them, and in particular manner to my sister, that had a so cute idea.

Thank you very much!



1. Sumomo-chan - September 5, 2007

I’m so touched.
This experience made me so sad.
You were there since months and we were all alone in Italy, and we were seeing you only with the webcam… it’s natural that we had had this idea to welcome your homecoming! You were missing us!
Thank you for this beautiful memories, it’s lovely remember that. As well as remember how this experience make us so tight-knit… all of us: you, me and the others: Annachiara, Paolo, Raffaella, Marco, Emanuela and Diego.


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