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Countdown: -3 June 26, 2007

Posted by Luca Marchetti in Holiday, Italy, RoboCup, USA.
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There are only 3 days left before my departure. Destination: Atlanta!

Atlanta by night

On June, 29th, me and my colleagues, we will fly to USA. This year RoboCup will be held there.
I’ve been involved in RoboCup since 2004. It was at first sight love.
The venue, night passed programming, trying to solve problems that were unsolved for months, the suspense before the starting of game, the happines after a win, the bitter disappointment after a lose.
There are many opposed feelings in these competitions, but always they are very strong. I guess it is not possible really to understand until you live them.

This year is probably the last year of our league. I’m working on AIBO robots. They are pretty amazing, because they are cute, and very funny to see at work. But they are also very little bastard and sometimes you would like throw out the window! Anyway passion is needed to accomplish good job, and I really hope that mine and my colleagues efforts will be reward.

But RoboCup is not only work. We planned a small (!) trip to north-west of USA.

USA dreams…
Click on the image to see the trip in details.

Pretty cool, isn’t? RoboCup events will finish on 10th July. After a day in Savannah, we will fly to New York City.
Then we will go to Buffalo (Niagara Falls), Toronto, Montreal, Boston and NYC again. All by car!

I’m quite excited about this journey! Ok I am always so before going to a new country. But I will stay with many friends and visit beautiful (I hope) places, it is without doubt a wonderful thing.

I will write about USA there, for sure. So stay tuned!



1. Sumomo-chan - June 26, 2007

Yes yes but… will you remember your family when you’ll stay there with your friends? If you don’t make it I’ll break your mind every day!!!
Ihihihih 🙂
We want read also the opinion of your friends, it’s time to extend this blog!

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