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RomeCup 07 May 6, 2007

Posted by Luca Marchetti in Friends, Italy, RoboCup, Rome.

2 weeks of waiting, no sleep for entire nights, no rest for days, no saturdays, no sunday, no eat, no drink (ok maybe sometimes somethings…)

RomeCup 2007

After a long preparation, my team was not ready to play.
Yesterday we play very ugly matches against Spain and Portugal. Many bug in our codes, calibration problems, we had a lot of problems.
Our development is still early alpha, and we have less than 2 months to let the system work. Aarghhhhh!!

After a disaster on qualification round (we lost 3 of 4 matches), we played the final against the Spanish team.
But here our efforts had been rewarded: we won!
With a final result of 2-0, we can bring at home the cup.

It was a little satisfaction, like a phyrric victory… We want to do our best, and get more significant results on next RoboCup in Atlanta.

So now we will go to work, hard work and for sure we will catch the best!

Click on image for full view
Teams at work
Mary the Dog-tamer!
This is my ball!
All together
Grab the Cup!
The Winners!
Simply Rome…



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