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Where the light is April 15, 2007

Posted by Luca Marchetti in Citations, Life, Thoughts.

One night a neighbor of Mullah Nasrudin was walking home and found
Mullah squatting on the ground beside a lamppost evidently looking
for something.

“What’s the matter mullah?” asked the concerned neighbor.

“I have lost my keys” replied mullah

“Oh! Here let me help you.” and the kindly neighbor got down on his
knees and started searching for Mullah’s keys as well.

After some time spent looking the neighbor straightened up and quite
puzzled asked “are you sure you dropped your key’s here?”

“Oh, I didn’t drop them here.” replied Mullah.

“Where did you drop them ?!?” exclaimed the now bewildered neighbor.

“Over there” and Mullah pointed to the front of his house that was in darkness.

“So why are you looking for them here ??!!??” exclaimed the now
exasperated neighbor.

“Because the light is over here.” replied Mullah.



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